The lack of large scale industrial clusters

“FAW Group ’12 Five-Year Plan, the vehicle production will reach 5 million, the highest market share of automotives electronics

“While the province have their own electronic industrial park, but small-scale, there is no formation of industrial clusters.” Chengzhuan Hai Park, only 12 companies of its size can not be compared with the industrial park in Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian and other places.

The province has the independent intellectual property rights of the automotive electronics business size is generally small, the lack of large-scale automotive electronics industrial park. Dispersed upstream and downstream products in the automotive electronics industry chain is shorter, the cluster effect is not obvious, the new energy automotive electronics R & D is weak. Province to the development of automotive electronics industry to promote the auto industry jumped industrial mechanism is not yet fully formed.

“FAW Group ’12 Five-Year Plan, the vehicle production will reach 5 million, the highest market share of automotive electronics is expected to reach 200 billion yuan.” Cheng Zhuanhai said, the government should coordinate the FAW Group and the local automotive electronics R & D and production companies to fully carry out the docking, under the same conditions, give priority to local products supporting.

“If the province is not enough, that the pie is likely to be outside the province, foreign enterprises got all the efforts to support enterprises of the electronics industry.” Said Cheng Chuanhai.

“The government should support policies to develop the automotive electronics industry in our province, was established to promote the group, set up a special ‘Jilin automotive electronics industrial park construction leading group’.” Chengchuan Hai said that the industrial park, business incubator, a series of effective role in promoting industrial development. The province should build compatible with the scale of the automobile industry, automotive electronics industry cluster.

Government voice: role in promoting the economic development of the automotive electronics industry

“Vigorously develop the automotive electronics industry in our province is the province’s economic development needs, it is the province of industrial industries, automotive industry and technology industry development needs, but also the needs of the province’s electronic information industry development.” Provincial Industry and Information Technology Department Vice Minister Ma said, in the province, the automotive electronics industry is not an isolated industry, to support the automotive electronics industry, will the province’s economy as a whole have a tremendous multiplier effect and leading role, and role in promoting economic development More than any one industry.

Ma said that the next 10 years, the construction of the park of the automotive electronics industry in our car camera province to the FAW Group automotive electronics industry chain as the basis of national industrial policy based on the trend of industrial development-oriented, and actively integrate domestic and international automotive electronics industry resources efforts to the park playing a well-known international, domestic first-class automotive electronics industry cluster, providing core support role in safeguarding the province’s auto industry development and make new contributions to China’s automobile industry development.

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