Distance Education University Recommendations

Here are a few things we recommend considering before you decide on where you get your distance education degree.

Not All Universities Are Created Equal – There are many universities online. But, its important to research the accreditation of the universities that you are considering. Some universities online that offer only online degrees and have no “brick and mortar” school, lack the same credibility as another “brick and mortar” university.

Consider The Way Students Will Be Taught – Find out how the information will be presented to the students before you enroll in a school. There are many different ways that schools will teach students at a distance. Some provide videos of lectures online. Others present information over the internet and others use books and test online.

Read Online Reviews – Look for reviews online of the schools you are considering and see what previous students have had to say. Although, try to find a site with so many reviews that even if there are some manipulated or false reviews, that the majority of them will be from the general public.

Evaluate the Cost – Compare tuition costs with other schools. Some of the “brick and mortar” schools in low cost of living areas have cheaper tuition even when you factor in out of state tuition. Some of the universities that serve both on campus and off campus students are better schools for your money than some of the online only schools.

Make sure you shop around and look for reviews and recommendations bef

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