Full body and power solutions

More high-performance integrated devices can be made based on strong digital technology, simulations technology and high-pressure devices

2012 Munich Electronics Show, ON Semiconductor has exhibited a full range of body and power solutions, including automotive air-conditioning program, car entertainment programs, automotive lighting solutions, vehicle network program, automotive engine management system program and the popular automotive LED lighting programs.

This is the company’s automotive electronics business since last complete appearance again, move the table Mingan Sen Semiconductor sustained overall development of the automotive electronics market.

Semiconductor company’s total revenue in 2011 reached a record $ 3.442 billion, an increase of approximately 49% in 2010, the global automotive electronics program and marketing director He Baokang (HerveBranquart), said in an interview. The automotive electronics business, which accounts for about 22%, approximately $ 760 million, up to 62% year-on-year growth rate, higher than the growth of the whole business.

Although born in the “door”, Semiconductor and traditional automotive semiconductor supplier competition, what are the advantages of it

More high-performance integrated devices can be made based on strong digital technology, simulation technology and high-pressure devices, ON Semiconductor, which is the key to success of our future. “He Baokang said,” including LED lighting, sensors, microcontrollers and other technologies, including ON Semiconductor have sufficient resources to be used to expand the business of the automotive electronics market. ”

In addition, ON Semiconductor’s high-performance solutions in addition to up the quality of automotive-grade, and continue with the new car safety and reliability of regulatory requirements, latest ISO2626R.

In January 2011, ON Semiconductor has completed the acquisition of Japan’s Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation, to expand the Japanese automotive electronics market, including Pioneer, Panasonic, Hitachi and other automotive electronics component suppliers have become Semiconductor customers, coupled with on the previous Bosch, Delphi, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and General Motors and other of ON Semiconductor’s automotive electronics products covers Europe, the United States and Japan’s three major automotive electronics market.

For the growing Chinese automotive electronics market, ON Semiconductor has also given considerable attention. He Baokang that, as China become the world’s first auto production and sales areas, the automotive electronics market will usher in the next wave of growth in the wave. Main products: car DVD player and car dvd , are with good quality.Order to meet the upcoming opportunities, ON Semiconductor has been basically completed in Chinese business layout.

In order to better serve the Chinese automotive market and customers, ON Semiconductor was established in Shanghai since cars Solutions Engineering Center (SEC), to promote the new car product development, and provide on-site technical expertise to enhance the company’s localization services capacity. The center is focused on the development of advanced energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), power systems, security, information, entertainment and automotive lighting and other automotive applications solutions.

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